Dr. Shifi Kababya

Shifi Kababya

NMR Facility Manager

Research Associate:
Weizmann Institute of Science,
2000, Prof. Daniella Goldfarb
and Prof. Shimon Vega
Post Doc: Technion - IIT
1997, Prof. Asher Schmidt
Post Doc: Northwestern Univ.
1995, Prof. Brian Hoffman
Ph.D.: Weizmann Institute
of Science, Rehovot, Israel 1995
Advisors: Prof. Daniella Goldfarb
and Prof. Zeev Luz
MSc.: The Hebrew University, ,
Jerusalem, Israel 1990
Advisor: Prof. Chava Lifshitz
BSc: The Hebrew University, ,
Jerusalem, Israel 1987

Room Number: 228
Phone: +972-4-8293748
Fax: +972-4-8295703

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Selected Publications

Yaacobi-Gross, N., Soreni-Harari, M., Zimin, M., Kababya, S., Schmidt, A., & Tessler, N., "Molecular control of quantum-dot internal electric field and its application to CdSe-based solar cells," Nature Mat., 10: 974-979 (2011)

Akiva-Tal, A., Kababya, S., Balazs, Y.S., Glazer, L., Berman, A., Sagi, A., & Schmidt, A., "In situ molecular NMR picture of bioavailable calcium stabilized as amorphous CaCO(3) biomineral in crayfish gastroliths," PNAS, 108: 14763-14768 (2011).

Ben Shir, I., Kababya, S., Amitay-Rosen, T., Balazs, Y. S., & Schmidt, A., "Molecular level characterization of the inorganic-bioorganic interface by solid state NMR: Alanine on a silica surface, a case study," J. Phys. Chem. B, 114: 5989-5996 (2010).

Amitay-Rosen, T., Kababya, S., & Vega, S., "A dynamic magic angle spinning NMR study of the local mobility of alanine in an aqueous environment at the inner surface of mesoporous materials," J. Phys. Chem. B, 113: 6267-6282 (2009).

Gertman, R., Ben Shir, I., Kababya, S., & Schmidt, A., "In situ observation of the internal structure and composition of biomineralized Emiliania huxleyi calcite by solid-state NMR spectroscopy," JACS, 130: 13425-13432 (2008).

Reiner, T., Kababya, S., & Gotman, I., "Protein incorporation within Ti scaffold for bone ingrowth using Sol-gel SiO(2) as a slow release carrier," J. Mat. Sci, 19: 583-589 (2008).

Rao, P.M., Goldberg-Oppenheimer, P., Kababya, S., Vega, S., & Landau, M.V., "Proton enriched high-surface-area cesium salt of phosphotungstic heteropolyacid with enhanced catalytic activity fabricated by nanocasting strategy" J Mol Catalysis, 275: 214-227 (2007).

Sarkar, S.K., Kababya, S., Vega, S., Cohen, H., Woicik, J.C., Frenkel, A.I., & Hodes, G., "Effects of solution pH and surfae chemistry on the postdeposition growth of chemical bath deposited PbSe nanocrystalline films," Chem Mat., 19: 879-888 (2007).

Kababya, S., Nelson, J., Calle, C., Neese, F., & Goldfarb, D., "Electronic structure of binuclear mixed valence copper azacryptates derived from integrated advanced EPR and DFT calculations," JACS 128: 2017-2029 (2006).

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Rao, P.M., Wolfson, A., Kababya, S., Vega, S., & Landau, M.V., "Immobilization of molecular H3PW12O40 heteropolyacid catalyst in alumina-grafted silica-gel and mesostructrued SBA-15 silica matrices" J Catalysis, 232: 210-225 (2005).

Baute, D., Frydman, V., Zimmerman, H., Kababya, S., & Goldfarb, D.,"Properties of the silica layer during the formation of MCM-41 studied by EPR of a silica-bound spin probe," J Phys Chem B, 109: 7807-7816 (2005).

Pizanelli, S., Kababya, S., Frydman, V., Landau, M., & Vega, S.,"NMR study of the adsorption-desorption kinetics of dissolved tetraalanine in MCM-41 mesoporous material," J Phys Chem B, 109: 8029-8039(2005).

Kaustov, L., Kababya, S., Belakhov, V., Baasov, T., Shoham, Y., & Schmidt, A., "Inhibition mode of a bisubstrate inhibitor of KDO8P synthase: A frequency-selective REDOR solid-state and solution NMR characterization,"JACS 125: 4662-4669 (2003).

Ruthstein, S., Frydman, V., Kababya, S., Landau, M., & Goldfarb, D., " Study of the formation of the mesoporous material SBA-15 by EPR spectroscopy," J. Phys. Chem. B, 107: 1739-1748 (2003).

Goldbourt, A., Madhu, P.K., Kababya, S., & Vega, S., "The influence of the radiofrequency excitation and conversion pulses on the lineshapes and intensities of the triple-quantum MAS NMR spectra of I=3/2 nuclei," SSNMR, 18: 1-16 (2000).

Sluszny, A., Silverstein, M.S., Kababya, S., Schmidt, A., & Narkis, M., "Novel semi-IPN through vinyl silane polymerization and crosslinking wihtin PVC films," J. Polym. Sci. A, 39: 8-22 (2001).

Kaustov, L., Kababya, S., Du, S.C., Baasvo, T., Gropper, S., Shoham, Y., &, Schmidt, A., "Sructural and mechanistic investigation of 3-deoxy-D-manno- octulosonate-8-phosphate synthase by solid-state REDOR NMR," Biochem., 39: 14865-14876 (2000).

Kaustov, L., Kababya, S., Du, S.C., Baasvo, T., Gropper, S., Shoham, Y., &, Schmidt, A., "Direct identification of enzyme active site residues by solid-state REDOR NMR: Application to KDO8P synthase JACS, 122: 2649-2650 (2000).

Schmidt, A., Kababya, S., Appel, M., Khatib, S., Botoshansky, M, & Eichen, Y., "Measuring the temperature width of a first-order single crystal to single crystal phase transition using solid-state NMR: Application to the polymorphism of 2-(2,4-
dinitrobenzyl)-3-methylpyridine," JACS 121: 11291-11299 (1999).

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