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Databases and Tables

Tubes and Solvents


Magnetic Resonance in Israel



Theoretical Background of NMR

Simple demonstration of magnetic resonance, YouTube video by Lars Hanson
Introductory NMR & MRI, Paul Callaghan
Spin-up and spin-down? What's really going on, Allen D. Elster
The Basics of NMR, Joseph Hornak
Basic Concepts in NMR Web Course, Queen's University
NMR J-couplings analogy and coin flip game

NMR Tools - Manuals and Software

Spinworks, Kirk Marat
DMFIT, Dominique Massiot
Janocchio, David Evans and Gary Sharman
Shim Simulator, Rider University (Download the PC version of NUTS)
NMR WebLab For Polymer Research, Macho, Brombacher, and Spiess
1H NMR Predictor
1H NMR Resurrector

NMR Databases and Tables

Chemical Shift Table
NMR Periodic Table, Rider University

SDBS Spectral Database for Organic Compounds
BMRB Biological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
NMR Chemical Shift Database

NMR Knowledge Base, Spectroscopy Now
AMMRL Association of Managers of Magnetic Resonance Labs

NMR Tubes and Solvents

Chemical Stores Catalog, Technion
NMR tubes:
New Era Enterprises D-Chem LTD. 08-938-5000
NMR consumables:
NMR solvents and other isotopically enriched materials:
Cambridge Isotope Labs, D-Chem Ltd. Gabriel Degani,
Icon Isotopes

Magnetic Resonance in Israel

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Fountain in front of the Schulich Faculty of Chemistry Haim Azhari - Medical Imaging Laboratory
Aharon Blank - ESR and NMR
Haggai Gilboa - NMR
Amit Keren - NQR and NMR
Efrat Lifshitz - ODNMR
Aharon Loewenstein - Liquid Crystal NMR
Tal Mor - Quantum Information Processing
Asher Schmidt - Solid State NMR
High Resolution NMR Facility

Weizmann Institute of Science Tali Scherf

Yaakov Anglister - Protein NMR
Hadassa Degani - MRI
Lucio Frydman - NMR
Daniella Goldfarb - EPR
Zeev Luz - Liquid Crystal NMR
Rafael Malach - MRI
Michal Neeman - MRI
Shimon Vega - Solid State NMR
High Resolution NMR Facility

Bar-Ilan University

Hugo Gottlieb Jordan Chill
Gil Goobes
Eva Meirovitch
Magnetic Resonance Facility

Ben-Gurion University

Robert Glaser - NMR

Hebrew University

Roy Hoffman Haim Levanon - EPR
Organic Chemistry NMR Facility
Structural Biology NMR Lab

Tel-Aviv University

Gil Navon - NMR and MRI
Amir Goldbourt - Solid State NMR
Yoram Cohen - NMR and MRI/S
High Resolution NMR Facility