Homonuclear Decoupling

Bruker Avance

  1. Preliminaries
    1. Sign the logbook (name and phone number)
    2. Login to the computer
        user name
    3. Open Topspin (double-click the icon)
        topspin icon
  2. Acquire a 1H spectrum
    1. Is the shimming okay?
    2. optimize parameters

  3. Change the pulse program
    1. view the acqusition parameters, type: ased
    2. type: pulprog zghd

  4. Adjust the routing
    1. type: edasp
    2. change FC2 to 1H and connect both FC1 and FC2 through FCU2

  5. set the decoupling power
    1. set pl24 to 45dB or greater (the higher the number the lower the power

  6. set the digmod
    1. type: digmod
    2. choose digital (TCU3)

  7. set the decoupling center frequency
    1. Type: o2p
    2. enter the hd irradiation frequency in ppm

  8. Acquire
    1. zg

  9. Process and Plot
    1. as usual

  10. Remove your sample
    1. on the BSMS keyboard:
    2. TURN OFF: spin and lock (no light = off)
    3. press “lift on/off” (green = on)
    4. gently remove your sample from the magnet – lift it up to clear the magnet
    5. press “lift on/off” (no light = off)

  11. Log off

  12. Open your files on another computer
    To open Topspin files on the other computer:
    Topspin icon
    1. Open the program Topspin
    2. Navigate to your data using the Browser
    3. Drag you data file into the display window

  13. Report problems and bugs to Yael or Shifi - 3748