Statement of Purpose

The goal of Technion's magnetic resonance center, housed in its natural place within the Schulich Faculty of Chemsitry, is to provide support via its modern instrumentation to more than half-a-dozen Technion faculties covering a wide scope of multi-disciplinary research interests. This first-rate facility provides access to modern NMR spectrometers, where graduate students and post-docs independently operate the spectrometers and are trained by the facility’s full-time, professional, Ph.D. level NMR spectroscopists. Researchers have 24-hour open access to the MRC and can reserve instrument time via an on-line scheduling system, or opt for the fully-automated spectrometer with sample changer which delivers the results over the network. In addition, spectrometer time is allocated in favor of the hundreds of undergraduate students going through the Faculty of Chemistry teaching laboratories.

A generous grant in 2002 from the Gilbert Foundation to the Institute of Catalysis allowed the Technion to purchase two Bruker Avance spectrometers (500 MHz and 300 MHz). In 2009, an Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Converging Technologies Equipment Grant provided the means for acquiring our first 600 MHz NMR spectrometer (Bruker Avance-III). Additional funds were contributed for a fully automated 400 MHz Bruker Avance-III spectrometer with a sample changer and a refurbished 200 MHz DPX console.